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How to Wear Saree

Here are the steps you need to follow when wearing a saree

The most popular saree styles are Gujarati version, Maharashtra version, Tamil version, Bengali version and the typical North Indian version.

Although there are several types of saris and several ways to wear it, there is one general method applied by all.

Here are the steps you need to follow when wearing a saree

1. Take the saree and completely unfold it and place it on the floor. Make sure you are wearing the petticoat before proceeding. Make a few pleats and then tuck the plain side of the saree inside the petticoat. Make sure that the end is tucked in nicely tucked and secure and the lower ends are up the floor.

2. Drape the saree around the waist once so that the long piece is now in front of you.

3. Now make several layers of pleats around 7 to 10 neatly on the end that is close to the waist of equal lengths and then tuck them in the petticoat near the waist a little left of the navel.

4. Now wrap the saree around the waist once from left to right and making sure that you are holding the top of the saree.

5. Now lift the sari to the shoulders to the right arm over the left shoulder bringing back the saree to the knee length. There will be the loose end which is called the "Pallu" in Hindi.

The saree are worn for various occasions from weddings to national events and even parties. If the saree is worn correctly, there would be no reasons for being uncomfortable in it. It will look elegant and stylish.